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A Few Vintage Favourites

June 11, 2016

source It’s no secret that I love a good ol’ charity shop rummage. In fact, it’s one of my favourite things to do – mainly because you can take just £20 with you and come away with a quite a few finds. Also, of course, it is the thrill of going and not knowing what you may find. I admit that many will have this same thrill as they walk through the doors of Topshop, but I find there is more anticipation with charity and vintage shops!

I’ve collected together just a few of my favourite vintage pieces which I’ve collected over the years. This was actually quite a hard task as there are so many pieces I love which I’ve picked up either at a car boot sale or a charity shop, but here are a few!

One of my favourite pieces to pick up is definitely a blouse, so I’ve tried to go for a little theme here. The first blouse – originally from House of Fraser – cost me just a £1 I think and yet I’ve worn it so often. It’s such a pretty pattern and I love the blush pink, this is definitely one of my favourite colours so it fits seamlessly into my wardrobe. The little clutch bag was a gem of a find at a car boot sale a few years ago now – and although it is pretty small and I haven’t really used it that much, this is my Downton Abbey bag and I love it.

The next two blouses – one is an old find from many, many years ago and the other I bought earlier in the year. These are a prime example of why I love shopping for second hand pieces. The blouse with the gold detail buttons is also an example of a slightly older top – Granny Chic* if you like, though I hate using that phrase – but it looks so nice paired with skinny jeans and a gold necklace. The embroidery is so pretty too and if you can’t already tell, I love cream! And the top beneath it? This was another car boot sale find, except that it’s 100% silk and only cost me a £1. I have worn this so many times, I’ve actually lost count.

The final item – note, it’s cream – I picked up from a Vintage Fair that regularly comes to Norwich. It brings batwing arms to a whole new level and again, has such pretty detailing. I bought this a couple of years ago now but I love that it’s still trendy, even in 2016, as it is a great example of the pajama trend. I think this was a little more expensive but it looks so chic worn with black skinny jeans.

So there we have it, just a few of my favourite vintage finds over the years – from car boot sales, to vintage fairs to the great British charity shop, I urge you to go and explore!


Love, Harriet

* granny chic



(Of fashion or design) reminiscent of or incorporating characteristics traditionally associated with the dress and appearance of a granny, especially in being old-fashioned (also used ironically ).

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  • Reply Cara June 12, 2016 at 17:47

    You’ve found so many cute things oh wow, I LOVE that gold bag! x

    • Reply harriep June 12, 2016 at 18:08

      Thanks, Cara! I’ve built up quite a little collection now. Isn’t it beautiful! X

  • Reply Gemma June 12, 2016 at 07:04

    How gorgeous is that bag?! I really need to try a few charity shops around here, as you got some fab finds xx

    Quetiapine cheap Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

    • Reply harriep June 12, 2016 at 15:56

      Thanks, Gemma! You definitely should, I’m sure you’d get some great finds! X

  • Reply Lindsey June 11, 2016 at 18:12

    Awesome! I have to be in the right mood to vintage shop because it can be totally exhausting, but one of my favorite things to do is look for cool vintage clothes at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, there’s literally miles of vintage clothing stalls!

    The Fashion Barbie

    • Reply harriep June 12, 2016 at 15:38

      Oh my, the Rose Bowl Flea Market looks amazing!! I hope I get to visit there one day! X

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