A New Start

November 23, 2015

Autumn: When the leaves gradually turn honey-coloured yellows and rust oranges, it is that wonderful transitional period, which, for many, marks the start of Winter which brings bitterly cold mornings and much shorter days. It is then, nice to enjoy the warmer, autumnal climates of September and October while they last.

This Autumn has been particularly warm – although as I write this it is a cold November morning and I am wearing four layers (and a dressing gown) – Autumn is my absolute favourite month for fashion and style. Layers, crisp neutrals, faux fur and berry undertones, it is time to leave behind the bare legs and flip flops – a somewhat optimistic view of an English summer.

I believe that with each new season, comes a perfect opportunity for a wardrobe overhaul, clearing out the summer staples to make way for an abundance of cosy knits, blanket scarfs and ankle boots.

Perhaps this is a good time to begin this blog and new venture too – during a favourite season of mine and with the nights now drawing in.

I’ve realised in recent months that I am, at heart, a jeans and t’shirt girl. Although i’ve always had a air of tomboy-ishness about me, sometimes I believe there is nothing more effortless, or stylish, than a good pair of fitted jeans, grey t’shirt and Converse or a pair of ankle boots. Perhaps this trait of mine will become obvious, that I do in fact, love a good pair of jeans to wear day-to-day.

So here I am – wearing jeans and a cosy berry knit (not to mention the giant blank scarf) on a dog walk last Sunday afternoon. With a pair of trusty wellies and a big pair of socks hiding inside, we did what we do every day, take my beautiful rascal out for a long walk in amongst the trees and falling leaves.

True, this isn’t a groundbreaking outfit choice, but it is comfy and perfect for kicking leaves and throwing balls whilst looking, dare I say, just a little bit ‘put together’ – a perfect example of an Autumn staple


Love, Harriet


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