A Short Story

March 15, 2016

Visit This Link Whenever I ask people where this coat is from, their last guess is almost always Tesco. I’ve mentioned before my love of Tesco Clothing and although it is very hit and miss, sometimes you can find an absolute gem as you mooch around the store, picking up your local food shop.

buy lamotrigine australia I saw this coat in my local store back before Christmas and fell a little bit in love, but it was £40 so I couldn’t really justify the price with gifts to buy. But it stayed on my mind (apparently when you can’t stop thinking about an item of clothing, it means you must have it), and checking back on their website a few weeks ago it had dropped to half price. I love it when that happens.

So, that was my terribly long and no doubt onerous story about buying this coat.


Love, Harriet

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