A Spring Morning

March 25, 2016

I know that the weather will feature heavily on this blog – especially with Spring and Summer just around the corner – but sunshine makes me so happy. I don’t even have to be doing anything, just sitting at home reading or lazing in a deckchair, but it genuinely lifts my mood and my heart. Always has done.

It’s the start of the Easter weekend, which in itself is exciting for one very important reason – Yes! The clock’s change! See? Sunshine is even more important to me than chocolate. But seriously, we get another hour of light in the evenings – I feel as though I spoke about this in my last post actually but as I said, this is a very pivotal time of year for me!

As we drove out for a spot of lunch (lunch = a Marks & Spencer sandwich) we stopped off to take a few photos. I picked up this pretty pink camisole in a charity shop recently. Although it was a little chilly in the shade – on a side note, I actually saw someone wearing a white strappy summer dress, with no tights on or jacket, while we were driving – what’s that all about? What on earth does one wear when it actually comes to Summer if you’re cracking out these dresses now? I felt cold just driving past.

And as I slowly turn into my Mother, I wanted to say that although this isn’t a terribly groundbreaking outfit, I love to wear ones like this. I find them pretty effortless and true to what I wear on a daily basis with the promise of warmer weather just around the corner. Hurrah!


Love, Harriet

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