A Summer’s Day

July 27, 2016

buy furosemide australia I feel a though this outfit epitomises a typical British summer’s day – the green luscious meadow filled with pretty wild flowers, a printed tea dress, vintage straw hat and picnic in hand (not in shot!)

look at this website Believe it or not, I picked up this beautiful peach tea dress, complete with pretty posy flowers and ruffle sleeves, in a charity shop last week for a few pounds. It’s perfect for an afternoon stroll or frolic – Bridget Jones style no less – and such a flattering colour. Coincidentally, I picked this straw hat up at the same time, except this was £2 and honestly, I haven’t wanted to take it off my head. I’ve been looking for the perfect straw hat for many years now – many have come and gone and few have stood the test of time. They have either been too big for my little head, too wide or too floppy but this one is pretty perfect. I like to think it belonged to a beautiful lady who took it with her on exotic holidays to St. Tropez and Cannes – more than likely though it was owned by an old man who wore it once in Great Yarmouth and put it in the loft.

As always, I went for gold jewellery – most of which has been collected from charity shops over the years too. I’m really not much of a silver jewellery wearer; I think gold just suits me better and looks much nicer with 95% of the wardrobe, unless of course I’m wearing my beloved silver flats. On a side note, I picked up another pair of these from Topshop in the sale because they were reduced to £10. When I reached the till I found out they were £7 – don’t you just love it when things like that happen? I was winning that day.


Love, Harriet

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