All the Florals

April 7, 2016

We popped into Holt the other day for an afternoon of mooching and hot chocolate. This is one of my favourite things to do – no plans except to mooch. What a lovely word – although I think it actually has connotations of boredom.

It was a lovely day – a coat wasn’t needed – which means Spring is definitely on its way! Although I have written before that I am not a huge wearer of pink, it seems in recent posts, that in actual fact, I am. I remember I bought this jacket in a charity shop for £1 and it’s 100% silk. I know, I know. I actually bought this scarf from a lovely lady at a car-boot too, a bit of a thrifty outfit this one!

And to add just a little more floral? A Cath Kidston bag of course. I used to work there and had my eye on this little beauty as soon as it came into store, I’ve worn it so much and it’s the perfect bag to team with a pretty plain outfit. I was a bit of CK dress fiend too, so I’m sure those will pop up come the summer months!

We really fancied fish & chips but in true Norfolk fashion, they closed at 2 to reopen for teatime. We opted for fat cut chips and a cucumber lemonade from Byfords instead, followed by cake (they do the best gluten-free Millionaire’s shortbread) and a Chai latte.


Love, Harriet



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