February 28, 2016

Although I’ve lived in and around Norwich all my life – 26, nearly 27 years (goodness, I’ll be 27 this year) It’s only recently that I’ve discovered the beauty of this city. I realise that may seem somewhat an exaggeration but there are so many cobbled streets, pretty spots and old alleyways that I’ve fallen a little bit in love with. I’ve mentioned this realisation in a previous post too as much of this is attributed to starting this little blog.

When you want to take a photo or two, you start looking at your surroundings in a different light and view each wall or pretty house as the perfect backdrop. It’s silly really that is takes something like this to realise the beauty of your home but there it is. I’m so looking forward to Summer to explore a little further and not to be adorned with many a goose-pimple in all my photos! Not entirely attractive, I know.

I believe there are still a few sizes left of this lovely H&M coat and I still love pairing it with a pair of skinny jeans and boots – it’s a pretty effortless outfit and warm too – essential with the cold weather we’re still enjoying.


Love, Harriet

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