Blogging: A Thought

April 5, 2016 Making the decision to become a ‘blogger’ is really quite a liberating feeling. Despite the over-saturated market that we are now all writing in, it remains a generally positive and thoroughly enjoyable community to be a part of.

check this I began reading blogs over five years ago now – there were several that I would just keep going back to for original content and fun, street style snaps. I have always been interested in the fashion and lifestyle blogs, beauty isn’t necessarily my thing and while I love perusing the makeup stands and reading about the latest magic creams and potions, I’m a complete and utter fashion girl at heart.

In 2012 I decided to give the blogging world a whirl and set up my first own little corner of the internet – Lace and Dungarees – I guess the name stemmed from a love of all things girly with a little tomboy edge thrown in. True, the photography was not up to scratch being taken on a mobile phone camera, the backdrops left little to the imagination as they were often in a garden or on a country walk (not necessarily a bad location) and of course, my style has changed immensely since then. I can’t help but look back and think – yikes – that was a classic outfit there, Harriet. A real winner! But, that being said, I really enjoyed it.

Then I stopped.

This is the point and moment in my life that I sometimes ponder about – I can be a bit of a perfectionist at times so if something doesn’t quite look how I’d planned or wanted, I’ll try again and re-work it. Except this time, with my little blog, I didn’t. I did the classic blogger mistake of comparing mine to others, to the more established blogs, to the pretty backdrops and peony-filled flatlays. So I thought, take some time out and come back refreshed and rejuvenated to try it all again. Which, I did, just three years later! I often think if I had persevered where my blog would be now – sure, I would have a few embarrassing pictures and outfit choices but it would have been a wonderful diary of style that I could look back on and reminisce about how much I had changed and the summer style choices I made back in 2013 to the ones I’ll make this year.

Now, as I write this, there is a blogging frenzy and with over 152,000,000 blogs on the internet and a new blog set up somewhere in the world every half a second – the days of standing out and being recognised for your hard work and creativity seem long gone.

Trust me, this isn’t a pessimistic post, just a thoughtful one. There are still blogs that I read today that I started reading all those years ago. Why? Because of the engaging content, the great photography and because I am just a little bit nosy and when you’ve been following and reading someone’s blog for the last five years, it’s pretty hard to stop. And why would you? What I mean is this: although there are now thousands upon thousands of fashion and style blogs being updated and read every single day, this does not mean you shouldn’t participate, that you shouldn’t join in. Why is yours any less worthy than another?

I pondered for so long about starting another blog that I missed out on valuable years of creating content and taking pictures and although this is certainly a regret of mine, I’m here now. Even if few people read it, I am still doing something that I truly love. My little ‘about me’ section really does sum me up – I am rarely happier that when I’m sitting in the sunshine, al fresco, watching the world (read: watch what people are wearing) go by. It is my absolute favourite – and not because I’m necessarily nosy (I am), but more because I genuinely love to see what people wear.

I’m not entirely sure if I have conveyed here what I have been thinking a lot about recently but in short, it is so easy to feel negative or unhappy or uninspired about your blog, constantly comparing it to others – not just those that are successful but those with an innate style, great photography skills or living in year-round sunshine – that it can so easily deter you from creating great content of your own. Comparison will always be present, but sometimes it’s better to take inspiration from reading a great blog. Behind every screen and every blog post is just a normal girl (or guy), drinking a cup of coffee and doing something they love. You’re no different.

I really didn’t intend for this post to be a ‘motivational’ one, more just thought provoking. It’s a topic I have been thinking a lot about recently since starting my own blog late last year.

So, I’m just going to keep writing and creating and dragging my poor, lovely boyfriend out to take outfit shots for me (and moan when they don’t quite come out how I wanted them to, or pretend to be a hopeless tourist through sheer embarrassment when people walk past me) because actually, I really quite enjoy it.



Love, Harriet

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