Copenhagen | Feb 2016

February 18, 2016

Last year I made a little promise to myself that I wanted to try and visit more European cities. With many being just on our doorstep here in the UK, it is relatively easy to venture across the channel and spend a weekend in a new city before returning home to the comforting lights of London. I must say here, I am a proper home bird. While I love to travel – I honestly don’t think there’s a better way to spend your money (and I love clothes) – there’s nothing quite like coming home.

Last year I was lucky enough to visit Paris for the first time (and fell a little bit in love) and in September we ventured to Italy – crossing Pisa, Florence, Sienna and Lucca off our list. Unfortunately, I hadn’t started this little corner then but believe me when I say, Italy is just beautiful. It’s certainly one of my favourite countries to visit and I would happily return again and again with the hope of doing a road trip there one day.

I initially booked this weekend in Copenhagen for my lovely boyfriend’s birthday which was in October last year. I didn’t even register that it was Valentine’s weekend when I booked so it was a couple’s paradise..!

The reason for Copenhagen? Well, i’d simply heard so many good recommendations about this colourful city.

We spent two nights in the Hotel Kong Arthur – a lovely hotel with beautiful views as it’s right on the river. It is about a mile from Nyhvan (the picturesque harbour with the colourful houses) but it’s in walking distance. I would definitely recommend visiting Nyhavn when in Copenhagen as it’s so distinctive. Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the famous Mermaid statue as it was just so cold. I thought we were prepared for the bitter weather that awaited us but when we arrived I realised, that in actual fact, we weren’t. Although we tried to embrace it and took many trips into the main town to have a wander, we had to take many a coffee shop break too in an attempt to try and warm up!

The selection and variety of coffee shops is certainly one of the best reasons for visiting this city. Not to mention, that in almost all of them, they have great gluten free options – definitely something i’m not used to! On our first day we visited 42Raw – after searching for the best gluten free haunts, this came up trumps. It was so lovely to go into a cafe and be able to order anything on the menu – we ordered pizza slices, a delicious salad and the burger. I think our favourite coffee shop was a place called Coffee Industry – very ‘trendy’ and they had gluten free blueberry cheesecake. Incredible. The last place i’d recommend for gluten free feasting is probably the best – Naturbageriet (Frederiksborggade 29) – a delicious bakery which has a wide selection of labelled gluten free bakes. From breads to focaccia to cakes, this really is a haven and a luxury. I wish I could’ve stocked up on more breads and cakes to take back home with me but I did enjoy a piece of carrot cake with my tea the day after we got back!

Something to bear in mind – Copenhagen is jolly expensive. This observation is pretty well known if you do your research before you visit but to put it into perspective, a Cappuccino will cost you the equivalent of £5 in many places. I certainly wouldn’t let this deter you, but it’s good to keep this in mind and plan your expenses a little in advance.

I hope the photos above capture some of the beauty this city has to offer – although it felt authentic to visit Copenhagen during its cold winter months, in hindsight it might’ve been better to visit in Summer.

Happy travels!


Love, Harriet



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