DIY Copper Clothing Rail

April 1, 2016

here I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while but there was still a little more to do and a few more pictures to take! I started looking at copper clothing rails last year and thought they looks ridiculously beautiful. I love having clothes on show rather than hiding them all away in a wardrobe and always feel inspired with pretty storage solutions, especially when it comes to my clothes.

how to buy propecia in canada So, I decided upon the measurements I wanted and ventured off to B&Q a few months ago – I actually went to Homebase first but they didn’t have everything I needed; it still might be worth a look there though. A couple of the images I had in my head (here & here) were actually a little shorter than I wanted so I decided to make mine 1.5 meters across – however (and it’s a big however), you may be better off actually only making it a meter or so as I had to re-adjust mine because it was a little wobbly! I’m chuffed with it now but be warned, it isn’t necessarily the most sturdy of clothing rail options, unless you start incorporating supporting wooden planks or more sturdy feet etc., which I haven’t done.

buy priligy forum I know these, or similar, are available to buy online but they’re jolly expensive, especially with the growing popularity of copper. Plus, they’re smaller versions and to be honest, a fancied giving it a go myself! Just a note though, all the bits did cost me nearly £100 or so.

So, as a rough guide, these are the pieces I purchased (including the middle pole which I recently added): Six two-meter copper pipes (22mm diameter), one elbow x2 pack (22mm) 11 equal tee (22mm) – including a separate mini rail for jewellery or silk scarves, a couple of copper stoppers if needed and, of course, a copper pole cutter (normally £10 or so).

buy aricept online no prescription Do double check what you need though and try and work it out before you buy – I’ve no idea why I bought three packets of elbows as I only needed one!


As I’ve mentioned, I wanted my rail to be quite long but measure the space you have – a meter long one can provide sufficient room for your clothes. I’m thinking I may actually make a smaller one to house my coats and jackets (at this rate, it’ll probably end up being longer than the one I have already – I do love a coat!)

Initially, I did wonder how I was going to cut the 2-meter poles but the copper cutter makes life ever so easy, you just line it up and twist – so simple – and I made this in just an afternoon.



I’ve made mine to be just over 1.5m tall – I didn’t want to be on my tiptoes reaching for my tops, nor did I want long cardigans to be drooping on the floor – so again, measure to your preference.



As I said, because I made it to be 1.5m long, I found it to be a little unstable once I’d finished assembling it and popping all my clothes on. I left it a few weeks to see how I got on but if I’m honest, it did fall over once or twice. Nightmare. So I decided to buy another pole and pop in in the middle to give it a little more stability – it’s made such a difference and actually helps to arrange my clothes into sections a little more. I’d recommend super-gluing a couple of the joins and also propping a few baskets either end too.



As a finishing touch, I was keen to add a smaller rail too for jewellery or scarfs. It’s a perfect addition on the end and means that all my dainty necklaces don’t get tangled! It’s super easy to include, you just cut the vertical pipe where you’d like it to sit and join it with an equal tee – then just cut the pipe to size and pop a little stopper on the end.


I really am happy with the results – especially now it’s got the extra pipe going up the middle to help with the support. Although it was quite a pricey DIY, it’s exactly what I was after and I just love how Pinterest-y it looks! In time I will varnish it and get a few more stoppers for the feet but for now, I’m already looking forward to making another…!


Love, Harriet



  • Reply Aleeha April 3, 2016 at 08:59

    That looks really good and the copper makes it look even better. I love the little bit at the side for jewelry and scarves!
    Aleeha xXx

    • Reply harriep April 3, 2016 at 18:18

      Thanks so much, Aleeha! It was actually pretty easy to build too xx

  • Reply Sheena Sreekeessoon April 2, 2016 at 14:30

    This is a gorgeous DIY! Such a clever idea as well, to be honest I’m so scared of popping into B&Q and asking them for what I want. I feel like I wouldn’t even know what to ask for! I might just have to muster up the courage someday, especially if you can achieve such beautiful results!

    Sheena Sreekeessoon

    • Reply harriep April 3, 2016 at 18:20

      Ah, you definitely should Sheena! I was a little worried about the results initially but i’m so happy with it now. Can’t wait to build a smaller one! X

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