Double Denim

August 3, 2016

is tinidazole sold over the counter I’m not sure if double denim is a trend per se, or is one of those ‘fashion disasters’ I hear people speak about. Truth is, I rather like it. More for the fact that I can pretend I actually live in Montana rather than the rainy suburbs of Norwich. I really should of worn my new favourite straw hat though, just to pretend I’m Kristin Scott Thomas in The Horse Whisperer – more for Robert Redford than the horses you understand. I’m a terrible horse rider; although I rather wish I wasn’t. I’ve always thought horse riding is such a nice hobby and something I’d love to be able to do but if I’m honest, I just end up bouncing around with little to no rhythm on top of the poor thing. This was rather unfortunately put into practise on what should have been a movie-like scene when I was travelling in Australia. I thought: Oh, how lovely would it be to go horse riding in the Australian outback? Well, yes, in theory and if you can actually ride a horse. I was given Frank you see, who was the biggest horse I’d ever bloody seen and at the end of the two hour trek, he was probably jolly fed up with me and I had a very sore bum. So, you see, I’d rather dress for the part than actually take part, in this instance. Not through laziness you understand, just because I can’t ride a horse.

I think I’m more of a donkey person.

I’m pretty sure this belt is an old vintage one of my Mum’s – let’s hope she’s not missing it! I think it’s needed to break up the denim a little as the washes are pretty similar. The shirt is from Topshop, of course. I think Topshop hits the nail on the head with denim shirts – they always have a great selection of different washes and styles. This one is more of a boyfriend style which I love.

Sidenote: I just went onto Topshop’s website to link to a similar denim shirt and got seriously distracted by their sale. Opps.


Love, Harriet



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  • Reply Christina Braccia August 5, 2016 at 04:28

    I seriously love the double denim. You styled it so well with the plenty of rips. I love the red lips! You have such a cute hairstyle.

    xo Christina

    • Reply harriep August 5, 2016 at 08:53

      Thank you so much, Christina! I must admit, I’m quite a fan of double denim now! X

  • Reply Tessy August 4, 2016 at 14:50

    You look amazing dear, great post.

    • Reply harriep August 5, 2016 at 08:54

      Thank you lovely! X

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