Five Faves: Items in my Wardrobe

August 17, 2016 order Lyrica online Can you see a bit of a theme here? I am L O V I N G blush pinks and nudes, perhaps a little too much. I’ve never declared a love of wearing pink before, in fact, growing up I was a bit of a tomboy and would often sway towards wearing blues. However recently, this blush pink trend has just got me hooked. In fact, when I went through my wardrobe choosing between my favourite five pieces, it was a bit of a coincidence that four out of the five items were pink. What can I say? It’s my colour at the moment! I’m sure as we move on into the autumn and winter months, this will be turning into deep aubergines and rich wine tones (can you tell planning for my new season wardrobe is underway?)


1| Let’s start with this pretty embroidered bomber. I am so happy this 90s inspired trend has been rejuvenated this summer as the high street have come out with some absolute crackers. So much so, I think I’ve done well to only have three in my wardrobe… I initially saw this one on Kate and fell a little in love. I’m even more in love with it now as I got it half price in the New Look sale. I’ve never added something to my basket quite so quickly (bar those McFly tickets back in circa 2003..) The embroidered detail is just beautiful and I love the sheen it has, plus it looks great paired with a simple white tee and denim shorts.

2| The PJ trend. It’s certainly no surprise that this little top made the cut, although admittedly, I do have a few to choose from. I can’t help it: silk, comfy, a little bit sexy? I’ve been lucky enough to find a few in charity shops (this one included) and a couple in Topshop too. I adore the colour of this one and the fabric covered buttons, it hangs beautifully too, not bad for £4!

3| The only non-pink item – of course, a pair of jeans. These are from Zara and I’ve actually been wearing them non-stop. The weather has been pretty warm here in the UK and sometimes this doesn’t bode well with skinny jeans. This pair are a lovely boyfriend style fit with a few rips and distressed bottoms. They look great with a pair of smart flats and equally with converse. A great investment!

4| This (blush pink – sorry!) cami is actually from a charity shop too but was originally from River Island. I wouldn’t say I normally shop here so finding this for a £1 was a pretty good spot. I love wearing this with a slouchy cardigan and those boyfriend jeans – forever going for the Pinterest look.

5| Lastly, a fairly recent find is this bubblegum pink hand-knitted jumper that I spotted in a charity shop for a few pounds. I don’t think it had even been worn previously and it’s so cosy. I remember pinning this image and ever since I’ve been obsessed with hunting down different pink jumpers! This one has got quite a preppy vibe mixed with a little bit of Sunday cricket and street-style cool. Perfect.


So there are my favourite five items in my wardobe at the moment – obviously I have like 1472 favourites but these are the ones I’m wearing a lot!


Love, Harriet


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  • Reply Karlie August 24, 2016 at 01:43

    I’m loving the bomber jacket trend, and yours is gorgeous! Mine is more of a fall/spring because it’s heavier, black, but has a giant Koi fish on the back. I’m still not sure how I feel about PJ clothing. I love the look of it on other people, but on me, it just looks like… PJs.

    • Reply harriep August 25, 2016 at 09:10

      Thanks Karlie! Oh that sounds amazing and perfect for Autumn! Haha, they probably look like PJs on me too to be honest but I just love the trend!

  • Reply Poppy August 19, 2016 at 20:44

    Girl, I am loving the light pink too! Clothing, interiors…everything!!

    • Reply harriep August 22, 2016 at 08:25

      Haha, I can’t get enough!

  • Reply Araceli August 18, 2016 at 20:22

    Love all the items! 😀

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