Gluten Free Brownies

January 20, 2016

аddress This year, i’m making a conscious effort to move more towards a plant-based diet. To many, being a Coeliac would be enough of a diet in itself, cutting out scrumptious breads and pastries but i’m not doing this to get skinny or lose weight; quite the contrary in fact. Since the initial diagnosis to cut wheat and gluten out of my diet, i’ve never really felt quite myself. Now whether this is a consequence of being a Coeliac i’m not sure, as so many seem to find a new lease of life through the diagnosis after months or years feeling bloated and generally unwell. However, I can’t help but attribute it to this as it all started roughly around the same time, so surely eating and maintaining a healthier, plant-based diet can never be a bad thing – as long as you’re still getting all your necessary vitamins.

audit Don’t get me wrong, i’m still enjoying the odd portion of meat and indulge in many hot chocolates no doubt made with full fat milk (my favourite), but I just want to lean towards this new lifestyle for now and see how I get on. If it all goes to plan and makes me feel just a little bit better, then I can start to incorporate less and less of the foods which don’t necessarily fit in and make me feel poorly.

claritin canada conciliate Of course, a true advocate of this healthy, yet delicious lifestyle is Ella Woodward, or Deliciously Ella. I’m so pleased to have discovered her as I find her so wonderfully refreshing and wonderful to listen to. Her ethos, as I understand it, is simply about enjoying good food and knowing what’s good for you. It’s not about counting the calories but eating wholesome, natural ingredients which aren’t packed full of nasties and preservatives. Gluten Free food for example, as it’s labelled in the supermarkets – although thankfully without wheat or gluten – still contains unnecessary salt and sugar quantities. And although I vow that I don’t have a sweet tooth, I think i’d be shocked at just how many teaspoons of sugar I consume in a day, without even counting ingredients such as bread.

tour So, sifting through Deliciously Ella the other day, I stumbled across a Raw Brownies recipe which I wanted to give a try. I added one or two ingredients (it only has three anyway) and the result is so wonderfully rich and moreish. Plus, it’s such an easy recipe to make when you need that intense, chocolate fix.

mentat tablet price I simply blended pecan nuts, hazel nuts, Medjool dates (these are so worth the price in comparison to standard dates), raw cacao powder and a few dashes of maple syrup. Once I had a sticky mixture I sprinkled over a few chia seeds before popping it into a ceramic dish and into the freezer to harden. So, so simple and perfect with a cuppa before bed. See the original (and delicious) Deliciously Ella recipe here:  

Love, Harriet

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  • Reply Kassia March 3, 2016 at 15:46

    Love this post, I’m gluten intolerent – Please keep the recipes coming! P.s. There is currently a gluten and dairy free book being sold at Aldi which is fantastic for GF inspiration, just thought was worth a mention.

    • Reply harriep March 7, 2016 at 18:39

      Thanks, Kassia! Oh I will, they’re so delicious.

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