Just Jeans.

February 9, 2016

So it would seem that i’m struggling to take these jeans off. They are just so comfy and I find myself looking at new ways to style them every morning. Personally, I don’t think a pair of qa\zsqwjeans is ever a bad look and whether they’re baggy or super skinny, they’re a pretty important – and effortless – wardrobe staple.

I got to thinking last night that looking through my blog posts this year, there is an inordinate theme: jeans. I never really realised just how much I wear jeans. I told myself that the reason for this lack of inspiration (or perhaps, dedication) is purely down to the season. That, in Winter, a pair of jeans is an obvious choice and come Spring, my blog posts would have a little more diversity. However, when I thought back to my early 20s – this seemed a very long thought journey indeed – I noted that I definitely wore skirts and dresses a lot more, albeit with a pair of tights. So where has this sudden love of just wearing jeans come from? In all honesty, I have absolutely no idea, but at the moment, I feel at my most comfortable when i’m wearing a pair of skinny (or baggy) jeans – at least out of the house; of course inside, it’s a completely different story.. [Read: Pjs]

Alongside my never-ending thoughts that I just wear jeans, I also felt a pang of realisation: that it doesn’t really matter. I started this blog to document my [life]style and if, at this moment in time, I like to wear jeans then so be it. My style has changed so much in recent years and while I wish that I had started this little corner back then – I didn’t – so right now, this style journey of mine is starting online somewhere in the middle, between a pair of skinny jeans and an old vintage tea dress.


Love, Harriet

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