February 15, 2016

I have just returned home from spending a long weekend in Copenhagen. Even looking at these pictures is making me cold as I sit here in my dressing gown with a newly filled hot water bottle. I am wearing four layers here but I still feel as though I wasn’t fully prepared for the bitter climates that this beautiful city had in store. I will be doing a separate post all about what we got up to [Read: drinking copious amounts of Tea in cosy cafes], coupled with some pretty snaps of the river and purely ‘instagramable’ houses over the next few days.

Although I am a true summer girl at heart – not only for the bare legs and endless bike rides, but for the long dresses and even longer evenings too – I do love the colder months as they present endless opportunities for layers. Admittedly simple, this is a favourite fashion combination of mine – a striped shirt with a comfy cable knit jumper thrown over the top. It’s no surprise that I packed this lovely wool coat from H&M either as i’ve been living in it recently.

Now, let’s talk about the hat. Warm? You bet. Controversial? Definitely. Unfortunately I have one of those faces which simply do not suit hats. Bearing this in mind, I decided to opt for warmth over anything remotely fashionable. Saying that, it is faux fur and it is white – two things I love in Winter. Not to mention it cost me £6 from a charity shop. I would also like to add that I did receive a compliment whilst walking through the painfully stylish streets of Copenhagen. This, incidentally leads me onto my next point: DANISH GIRLS KNOW STYLE. It’s not particularly groundbreaking or over the top but from what I saw, it’s so wonderfully chic, effortless and stylish; with many looking as though they had just stepped out from the very screens of Pinterest that morning. While I couldn’t muster up the courage to take a snap or two, I decided to stare lustfully instead with my jolly red nose and ridiculous hat.


Love, Harriet


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