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July 20, 2016 As I’ve literally just been wanting to sit in my underwear all day due to this glorious weather we’ve been having – I didn’t think an outfit post would be suitable so I thought I’d take a slightly different direction and talk makeup. I haven’t done a makeup post on this little blog to date so I thought the best way to introduce it was a few little blogger ‘flatlays’ of my makeup collection and what I pop on my face pretty much everyday. The truth is, I don’t consider myself a beauty blogger so my collection, in comparison to many others, is pretty small.  I tend to find a selection of products that I’m happy to pop on my face day after day and don’t feel the need to diversify or expand my collection. While I openly admit that I envy – just a little bit – those girls with a collection big enough to fill a beauty set of old apothecary drawers, I’m a fashion girl at heart and this is where I tend to spend my money.

Plus, perhaps in hindsight, it often comes down to the fear of disappointment, to put it in drastic terms. On multiple occasions I have purchased the ‘best’ product for eyebrow shaping or the foundation that everyone’s been raving about and I’ve been disappointed with the outcome. Alternatively, it’s important to remember that 90% of the time, I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to makeup. But, unfortunately, many of these products just get pushed to the back of my makeup draw and soon become forgotten about. I suppose the difference with fashion is that you’re often able to return it: if you buy a dress, take it home and try it on and it looks ridiculous, you’re able to take it back the following day and exchange it for something else which makes you feel bloody marvelous.

Am I thinking too much into it? It’s such a luxury to try new things but when I find a foundation I like, I tend to stick to it and buy multiple bottles just in case it’s discontinued (no, really, I do.) I must admit, I do have a soft spot for a nice new lipstick or eye-shadow palette, I guess for the reason that you get a better understanding of how these will look on; but foundation or concealer, I gather it is much a game of luck. Or in my case, spend hours swatching before walking out of Boots with alarmingly colourful hands.

Can you tell I’d make a rubbish beauty blogger? This is absolutely not to say that I don’t thoroughly enjoy whiling away many an hour in the aisles of Boots, but that I’m very much a home bird when it comes to makeup.

So, that being said, here’s a little selection of my favourites and what I reach for everyday. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone mention it, but the Nivea Daily Essentials Tinted Moisturiser is my absolute favourite. It’s fairly low coverage but it just gives you such a nice base, perfect for everyday. Plus, it’s only £4 or something ridiculous like that. Like many, I swear by the Real Techniques brushes, I use the Stippling Brush every day for my foundation and the blush brush for bronzer. The Rimmel Match Perfection is a winner too and a concealer I’ve been using for a while – I must be the only person who doesn’t get along with the Collection concealer! The Lash Sensation mascara by Maybelline is a new addition actually following many recommendations and so far, it’s pretty good. Not clumpy and lovely long lashes. I don’t own many blushers, I used to love Benefit’s Dandelion but I haven’t yet repurchased it. One of my favourites are Bourjois’s Little Round Pot Blushers or one of the £2 blushers from the Natural Collection. So simple but they do the job.

As I said, the eye-shadow palette is one of my favourite beauty purchases. These three are my current favourites: the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, need I say more? Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave is a recent addition too and I’m completely in love. I couldn’t recommend this palette highly enough – the colours are beautiful and the pigment is incredible. Lastly, I actually bought this the other day too, the Seventeen Easy on the Eye palette in Birthday Suit. Again, beautiful colours. You’ll see a trend here: I love bronze, taupe, slightly glittery brown shades!

So there we have it – bravo if you made it to the end – considering I say I’m not a big makeup blogger, I’ve done a pretty long winded post here! Perhaps I’ll introduce a few of my favourite lipsticks or do a few makeup looks with the eye-shadow palettes.. Or maybe I’ll just stick to fashion!


Love, Harriet


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