Never Let Me Go

June 21, 2017

I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for a while now but I’m pleased I held off – not that it was an intentional delay, but y’know, life. I bought these two items around my birthday and took the snaps shortly after, and although I knew I loved them, I’ve worn both so much since these were taken that it lays testament to the outfit a little more.

Let’s start with the trousers. As an avid jeans wearer, it’s always nice to invest in something a little different. Although these are black and not the first thing you’d think of for summer – especially given the current heatwave we’re having! – they work so well in my wardrobe, and I love the bow-tie detail. I can see myself wearing these into autumn and winter too so a terrific investment – plus, only £25 from Zara.

The tee. Now I love a tee – as a bit of a tom-boy at heart I just feel so comfortable in them. Stick a slogan on it and I fall a little bit in love. As soon as I spotted this hanging in H&M, I nabbed it, but not before holding it up to Dave as I swooned. With Modern Romantic embroidered on the front and Never Let Me Go on the back (cute, eh), not to mention the soft fabric and beautiful soft grey colour, at just £12.99 this really is a winner; and something I’ll be wearing for many more moons to come – even if I end up bitter and unromantic.

The trainers are a simple pair from Primark – I always end up buying a couple of these going into summer as they go with everything, and no doubt they will appear in a few more blog posts and videos going forward.

Although it’s a little too hot to be wearing these trousers now, I love how this tee looks with a pair of dungarees and paperbag shorts too.


Love, Harriet

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