New Spring Additions

May 17, 2016

click here for more So I thought I would share with you a few of the new additions I have added to my Spring wardrobe recently. Whiling away many an hour on Pinterest, I wanted to put a little thought into this. It’s not very often that I go on a rather big spending spree but it was my birthday – is that a good enough excuse?

visit this web-site Zara came up trumps. Again. It’s definitely my favourite on the high-street as it is filled with such a variety of pieces. From frills, to bombers, to stripes to different textures, I had a lot of fun in the dressing room and came away with a rather large bag. Hurrah.

I’m sure I will be popping up a lot of outfit posts over the next few weeks but I thought it might be nice to include a little snapshot too. I’ve always been a colour and prints girl and looking at the pictures here, I’ve chosen a very colourful selection!

I couldn’t find a link to the emerald blouse – I do understand it might be reminiscent of an old Shakespearean ruffled top but it’s so flattering on and I picked it up for a mere £15 in the H&M sale. And I couldn’t resist these gold loafers from Topshop – I picked them up today and will be alternating them with my silver pair. I’m not a sandals wearer (I never think they are flattering on me) so I tend to hop from boots to loafers with the occasional pair of flipflops in between.

I’ll leave a link to the items below – I’m afraid I couldn’t find a link to the blue frill top or metallic cami either but, naturally, these were both from Zara too.


Love, Harriet



Blush Bomber Jacket

Floral Bomber Jacket

Striped Skirt

Striped Tee with frilly sleeves

Red Jumper

Breton Sweatshirt

Khaki Shirt

Gold Flats

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