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December 3, 2016 Oh jeez. So, life has rather got in the way as of late, and I think this is the longest that I haven’t blogged on this little channel. Truth is, I just have not had the time and while that kind of grates on me when people say that – surely, if you love something, you will always find a little time – but, this last month has been a busy one. Between a new job and freelance writing, all my time has been taken up with ‘work’ – how terribly boring! I can’t see it getting much better this month either to be honest but I really want to incorporate a few Christmassy posts in the coming weeks and I’ve got a bit of time off over the festive period too – hopefully I’ll start planning some new fashion content for the New Year.

buy priligy priligy uk While it’s not like I have a huge following, with those waiting on a new post from me, blogging is something I thoroughly enjoy and what frustrates me most is that I’ve added a few lovely pieces to my wardrobe recently but I just haven’t found an opportunity to photograph them! While autumn is probably my favourite season, it’s also the most inconvenient time of the year to take photos – it’s dark when I get home in the evenings and the weekends go by so quickly. Plus, at this time of the year, I just love a cosy jumper, skinny jeans and ankle boots – I’m not sure how many interesting posts those outfits would create!\/\/\/facilitators\/embed\/\" So, I’m here, just a little preoccupied.


best ginseng seeds to buy Love, Harriet

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