Pining for Pink

March 7, 2016 I wouldn’t say I’m a huge wearer of pink. Growing up I was definitely more into my blues being a tomboy and all but I find these light, blush pinks so bloody flattering to wear – no doubt I’ve mentioned this before. Having a little snoot around my wardrobe today and I actually have a few pinky items that I’ve added in recent years and keep coming back too. Sometimes a big, bold, bright cerise or magenta can spruce up an outfit wonderfully so who knows, you may well call me Penelope Pitstop in no time (although please don’t – there’s really no need.)

buy Lyrica 50 mg We woke up to a light covering of snow this morning so you wouldn’t think we’ve actually had a few nice days of sunshine mixed in too. I must say, I’m pining awfully for the summer months now – days of wearing jeans and a t’shirt or a pretty printed dress. It’s no secret that I am a happy girl when the sunnier months come around for it means more road trips, picnics, bike rides, endless dog walks and skipping through summer meadows (cue Bridget.)

Until then, however, I’ll be content in my blush pink coat and shiny, pointed shoes. Hurrah.


Love, Harriet

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