April 17, 2016

This pretty white top is another charity shop gem I picked up a few months ago. I’m not sure if it had even been worn previously but I only paid a few quid! It’s actually quite sheer but because it has long sleeves and a high neckline, I think it’s really flattering – I like the look of being able to see a pretty white lace bra underneath tops sometime too.

This faux sheep’s wool jacket has definitely been one of my go-to pieces this year – I absolutely love the texture and pairing it with cream tops. I apologise if you’re fed up with it now but I think this will carry me through to the summer months quite nicely – I promise I’ll reduce the amount of blog posts it’s in from now on though!

I’m really looking forward to mixing up my bottom half a bit more over the next few months – this winter has definitely been a jeans-wearing season for me. I’ve basically lived in them! I definitely wore more skirts during this season over the last few years (honestly) but I’ve felt so comfortable in them and have finally found the perfect fit for me. Sometimes I do worry that some of my outfit posts are terribly boring because I’m almost always in a pair of jeans, but on the other hand, these are my OOTD’s so it’s important to be true to that, right?!


Love, Harriet

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