The Blanket Scarf

October 28, 2016 Ah, the blanket scarf. One of my favourite autumn accessories and one that completely baffles Dave – ‘don’t forget your rug’, he’ll say as we leave the house. It really is though and unlike the scarves I used to wear which did very little to keep my neck warm, this is actually a pretty good substitute for a coat on those slightly warmer days.

you can try these out I got this from Zara last year but I’ve spotted a few similar ones (here and here), which will no doubt keep you just as toasty.

I think this jacket is the only yellow piece of clothing I own – perhaps I have a mustard-coloured scarf somewhere in my collect too but I don’t tend to wear yellow all that much. Perhaps it’s because I’ve got blonde hair or maybe because I just love grey and always opt for that. I’ve mentioned this jacket so much over on my YouTube channel but, the short story: I found it for £6 in a vintage shop and it basically looked brand new. It’s got a bomber neckline, with blazer-style pockets and pretty detailed gold buttons and I just love it.

I’m afraid the remainder of the outfit is pretty Harriet, in the sense that it’s a pair of skinny jeans and a cosy knit – definitely my favourite kind of outfit to wear at this time of year. Oh, and a pair of leopard print flats which jazz it up wonderfully, don’t you think?


Love, Harriet

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