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February 6, 2016 After months of searching for a pair of boyfriend-style fit jeans, I actually found this pair in Primark and I must admit, i’ve fallen a little bit in love. When I was in my teenage years (and still discovering the art of fashion), I was quite the fan of the baggier fit jean but in recent years, i’ve tended to opt for the super skinny. These however, have reignited my love all over again and what’s more, they’re far more comfy that the skinny pair I have glued to my legs every other day.

modafinil south africa price I must also mention the outfit choices – I love when you buy a new item of clothing and it almost reinvigorates your wardrobe, enabling you to wear pieces that perhaps you had forgotten about or previously found difficult to style. Despite the rips and holes in these jeans, I still feel as though they’re smart-ish and look wonderfully effortless. I do realise ‘effortless’ is terribly overused these days, especially in fashion terms, but I feel as though these are the epitome of effortless cool – do people still say cool?

Now to the jacket: A couple of years ago you would’ve found me in a charity shop (probably with my baggy jeans on), searching through the endless clothing rails rather than an evening spent trawling through ASOS. But the other day I actually ventured into a delightful vintage emporium on a cold Tuesday morning and it struck me just how much I had missed it. The thrill and suspense of what you may find as you step through the door. Ignore the musty smell (sometimes I do find this a comfort) and somewhat questionable items, you can hit the jackpot and when you do, boy does it feel good. I picked this jacket up for a measly £6. Not only does it look brand new but I love the uniqueness of it – knowing I won’t see somebody else walking down the street in it provokes a certain smugness. I know feeling smug probably equates to an awful vice, but vintage shopping smugness must surely be ok?


Love, Harriet


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