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The Changing Seasons

September 14, 2016

prednisone buy from uk Ok, as I type this it’s been the hottest day of September in the UK since 1911 but as Autumn is well and truly on its way – at least it should be – I thought I’d start preparing. Every season I have a good old wardrobe clear out in preparation for the new season ahead. I often hear stories of people who haven’t cleared out their wardrobes in years and years and it always baffles me. I feel like I’m pretty good at this task to be honest, partly because it’s something I thoroughly enjoy but also because I love having a clean and wearable wardrobe. I find it so aesthetically pleasing to look at too!

I currently have two rails (one little DIY job and this one from Clas Ohlson) It’s not my dream set-up but it certainly works just fine for now. You can probably see that I’m not a terribly monochromatic person, I have and wear a lot of colours and prints, despite one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe being a simple grey tee!

The Wardrobe Process

So, I tend to put all of my summery clothes into a pile and store them away until the next year. That way, when the season comes back around, I can go through carefully and only bring back what I think I’ll want to wear. Looking through the two piles, it’s handy to see what I didn’t get much wear out of this summer and what I didn’t want to take off too!

Sometimes however, although I can be brutal, my sentimentally wins and I keep an item in my wardrobe, thinking I will wear it, even if I haven’t worn it for the last three summers!

It’s worth keeping in mind too that I turn 28 (say WHAT, I so need to get my life together) next year so no doubt my style will have evolved and new pieces will be catching my eye. Even looking at a few of the pieces in my wardrobe today I feel like they are more suited to a younger Harriet – I need to up my class and sophistication game at some point as I’ll be hitting 30 soon – terrifying.

I’ve left quite a few blouses and shirts as I like to transition these into autumn, pairing them with chunky knits and duster coats. The same goes with one or two dresses – I love the bare legs/ankle boots look in the colder months so they’re staying put for now too.

Once I’ve finished sorting and finalising the summer items, I sit down, look at what’s left, scour Pinterestmy fave – and make a little note of the pieces I’d love to add to my A/W wardrobe.

So (complete with inspo pics):

*A pair of boyfriend-fit black jeans – they look so good with ankle boots and a leather jacket

*Faux fur coat – mine’s getting pretty old and I’d love to find a lighter one

*Grey/neutral coat – I still love these colours in autumn

*A Fedora – I’ve loved wearing my straw hat this summer so want to continue on the trend!

*Cosy knits – these are a given really aren’t they! Give me all the pinks, greys and creams

*Trainers – I definitely want to add a pair to my wardrobe this season


So there we have it. No doubt, that wishlist will continue to grow but these are certainly the basics that I’d like to add to my new season capsule wardrobe. I’ve been putting together a few little wish-lists too so they’ll be an ASOS one coming soon with just a few favourites!


Love, Harriet


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  • Reply Autumn Wish List | ASOS – Harriet Pattison September 16, 2016 at 07:46

    […] I’ve never popped a wishlist up on my blog before so I’m not sure if this is the best format but I thought it’s a good way to show you a few of my favourite things and follows on quite nicely from my last post. […]

  • Reply Christine Dodd September 14, 2016 at 10:56

    I do exactly the same thing! I plan my seasonal wardrobe on Pinterest then have fun sourcing the right pieces!

    • Reply harriep September 15, 2016 at 20:32

      It’s my favourite thing to do! X

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