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Welcoming 2017!

January 1, 2017

buy propecia walmart Well, here we are, 2017! I have high hopes for this year – 2016, for various reasons, certainly wasn’t the best, so here’s hoping 2017 will be a truly magical, happy and healthy one!

how to buy accutane in uk As I mentioned in my one of my previous posts, it’s been a busy few months, which, unfortunately has meant my little old blog has suffered somewhat. Completely unintentional of course and something I would love to change this year but with the dark evenings, it’s made it harder to take outfit snaps! I took these a while back but as I’ve been loving this blush pink faux fur coat recently I thought it was still appropriate to post!

I’m still really loving blush pink I’m afraid – I know, I know – but I can definitely see myself wearing it well into the new year too…!

2017 Resolutions

So, what about my 2017 resolutions? Well, my main one is to worry less what others are doing. With a helping hand from social media, it’s so easy to get caught up in what others are doing, what they have and where they are going – we all do it, it’s human nature – but this year, I want to focus on what I’m doing and set my own goals. I will never be able to dedicate as much time as I want to my blog and YouTube channel, which this year got me down a little and in that unhealthy circle of comparison (not good!), so, in 2017 I’m going to put in as much as I can and expect nothing in return.

I love sharing what I wear and new fashion bits I’ve bought – it’s what I love most about reading other blogs too – so that’s what I’ll keep doing and focus on this year, if and when I can. The world of blogging is so incredibly professional these days that I tend to always think I need to improve on my photography, locations etc., but with two jobs, it’s not always an easy feat to master!

Secondly, a little boring perhaps and terribly cliche, but I’m determined to drink more water and live a healthier lifestyle. I started off well in 2016, but as is always the case, life got ever so slightly in the way! I’m not an unhealthy eater, but I often put my health to one side and let my worries take over. I’m not going to join the gym or promise myself that I’m going to take a new class – as I know I won’t stick to it – but, instead, I want to learn new recipes, prepare more meals in advance and discover more walks. With a dog, I find you’re at such an advantage as it becomes second nature to go out for a walk, but this year we’ve got into a bit of rut with where we take her. Although I love our local park, this year I want to explore more of our local surroundings and make the most of the beautiful countryside.

Lastly, and another cliche I’m afraid, but it’s to worry less. If this year has taught me anything it’s that life is far too short and whatever troubles you may have, there are always people worse off than you. Of course, it’s not plausible to life everyday to the fullest, but to appreciate the little things is certainly something I’d like to practice more in 2017.

So, there we have it – gosh, quite a long post I’m afraid! Here’s hoping I get round to posting another one soon…!


With lots of love for 2017,

Harriet x

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