January 9, 2016

There’s something I love about wearing whites in Winter – it certainly makes a change to wearing black and still (I hope) looks effortless. While i’m still on the search for the perfect shearling coat, I stumbled across this jacket in the H&M sale and thought what a great addition it would be to my wardrobe as I don’t really own anything like it.

I feel as though this year I want to start really thinking about the pieces I have in my wardrobe and only invest in new items that I really love or need. I always tend to have a list of items i’d like to add to my wardrobe or more expensive pieces i’d like to save for. Sometimes it’s so easy to keep buying the same thing – in my case, a grey cardigan – but if you never quite find the perfect one, you end up with five or so varieties in your wardrobe!

I find that i’m quite good at wardrobe clear-outs and organisation and actually, I really enjoy it. I try and only keep pieces that I wear frequently or that I simply love and can’t bear to throw out! It’s so much easier to put a nice outfit together each day if you love your wardrobe and of course, have a little bit of help and inspiration from Pinterest.

I seem to wearing skinny jeans and boots an awful lot at the moment but I just find it so comfortable and effortless. I got these boots for Christmas and am so in love with them – most certainly because they’re wonderfully similar to my old favourites that I bought from Tesco last year (and subsequently bought two of!)


Love, Harriet



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