Why Pinterest is your BFF

August 25, 2016 Ok, so I may be a little old to use the term BFF, but I felt this summed up the premise of this post wonderfully.  Pinterest is your best friend. You don’t have to be a blogger, creator, business owner, interior designer or chef either, in fact, even if you’re not terribly creative, Pinterest is there for you, like a loyal and much needed companion.

right here I while away so many hours on this beautiful site and even when you think you’ve pinned all the best street style images, you find 3725 more. I pin in between doing my makeup, while I’m on the loo, in the car (passenger, obviously), waiting for an appointment or out on a dog walk. When I’m lacking that creative flair and need a little inspiration for a flat-lay, recipe or how to wear a white tee, I will always turn to Pinterest. When I’m planning my new autumn wardrobe and need some serious street style inspo or forever planning my dream home and interiors, guess where?

We are all so visual – a reason for Instagram’s success – and seeing inspiration in picture form is life changing. It excites us, inspires us, gives us the hope to create something wonderful and of course, Pinterest allows us to keep this inspiration all neat and tidy in one simple place: our very own pin board which we can access any time but doesn’t clutter up the kitchen or study. A collection of our favourite pictures and thoughts, capturing dreams of travel destinations, cakes to bake and outfits to recreate.

I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo for a few years now and have been looking to Pinterest for inspiration, to give me that final push which puts me in the chair. Although you could argue, that’s what everyone does so it won’t be original, it’s more for the inspiration than anything, seeing a design that perhaps I otherwise wouldn’t have thought of and redesigning it to suit me.

I’m a huge lover of car boot sales and visiting vintage shops and over the years I’ve collected old wooden boxes, tables and step ladders. I often know what I want to do with them and where I want to put them but sometimes you come across a bargain and need a little sprinkling of inspiration, the realisation of ‘Oh, I could paint it and put it there.’

It doesn’t matter that I have 67 different bathroom images (I haven’t actually counted) when in reality I’m probably only going to have one in my house, nor does it matter that I’ve created a board of wedding inspiration when I’m not even engaged (or, does it?)

You could say it almost provides us with too much choice and allows us to have unrealistic expectations of how we would like to decorate our house (if we ever get on the property ladder) or encourages us to believe we need the perfect monochromatic wardrobe to be a successful blogger; but what’s wrong in dreaming and having that visual encouragement to achieve? It allows us to plan our new wardrobe revamp or, in my Mother’s case, to see how she would like to have her new pond designed. It works so well for so many people: helping them to get out of a style rut, when they’re stuck with what to prepare for a dinner party, ideas and uses for mason jars and how to upcycle and reupholster an old Chesterfield armchair.

In my opinion, Pinterest really is one of the best websites available and it’s ridiculously easy to use. Even if you just set up an account to pin pictures of cats, at least it will make you smile when you come back to it and that’s really the beauty isn’t it? Life is sometimes so serious, so pin the bloody picture and allow yourself to dream and feel inspired.

Who knows, maybe one day that bathroom image you pinned all those years ago will be yours and before you know it, it will be added to boards all over the world, pinned by a new generation who want a bathroom as lovely as yours.


My Pinterest <3


Love, Harriet

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  • Reply estrella August 28, 2016 at 14:00

    I also love pinterest and use it for everything…it literally is my BFF too haha. Great post!

    • Reply harriep August 28, 2016 at 14:27

      Haha, thanks Estrella! X

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